Gurué, Zambézia


In teaching international relations and comparative politics, my goal is to nurture my students’ ability to critically engage with political events, become knowledgeable observers of political processes, and active participants in these processes as informed citizens.

Teaching Experience

Leiden University


B.A. Lecture Global Security, Spring 2019 M.A. Thesis Lab, Spring 2017
B.A. Seminar Social Movements and Political Violence, Fall 2016/Fall 2018 M.A. Thesis Seminar, International Organization, Spring 2016
M.A. Seminar, International Relations: Theory and Approaches, Fall 2015/Fall 2016
M.A. Seminar, Post-Conflict Politics, Spring 2015
M.A. Seminar, Civil Wars, Spring 2015/Spring 2016
M.A. Thesis Seminar, Diversity, Democracy and Conflict, Fall 2014

Yale University

Teacher Training

Yale University Certificate of College Teaching Preparation, Spring 2013

Teaching Fellow and Guest Lecturer

Department of Political Science, 2009—2011, 2013

Free University Berlin, Germany

Teaching Assistant

Department of Political Science, 2006